Periodontologie & Implantology


Periodontal disease affects one in two adults

One adult in two suffers from periodontitis (47% of individuals over 30 years of age according to the study published by EKE & Coll. In 2012-2013). This disease, which goes as far as tooth loss, affects the tissues surrounding the tooth: the gum, the dental ligament and the bone.

Although this disease is primarily caused by bacteria, it is compounded by multiple factors such as smoking, stress, obesity or diabetes. The common symptoms are: tooth mobility, periodontal inflammation (gingivitis …), usually associated with bleeding.

A gum bleeding is a diseased gum. Other clinical factors such as the presence of plaque and tartar accompany these symptoms. The gingival recession (receding …) is often associated with sensitive teeth as well as bone loss.

If you experience one or more of these signs, it is advisable to make an appointment in Periodontology consultation to establish an accurate diagnosis of your gum health.

This disease is not a fatality

If tooth loss is commonly associated with age, advances in science and medicine today allow to cure or treat the main causes and consequences of periodontal disease.

The treatments offered by the Institut du Roule is based on 4 principles:

  • A comprehensive and personalized approach to the patient
  • A particular attention to the absence of pain
  • An advanced implantology and last resort
  • An aesthetic of the mouth and smile

Considering that any sustainable construction requires solid foundations, we strive to clean up and preserve maximum the natural dental organ. If the situation requires it, we propose a lasting aesthetic reconstruction. This is where we introduce ourselves as architects of the mouth and smile. Excellence treatments and pioneering.