Asepsis at the Institut du Roule


Control air quality and Clean surfaces in Oral Surgery

Air Quality:  iContaminantsn the air = Particles

These are the particles that carry the infectious agents

– Bacteria

– Virus

– Parasites

– Mushrooms

– Pray


by spraying & manual dispersing of disinfectant (mechanical action & persistence of the effect),

bactericide, virucide, fungicide, sporicide.

Mastering Contamination is Mastering Air Quality

 Put the room under pressure        Renew the air
 Filter the air                                       Limit the emission of particles
   The final filter retains 99.999% of particles> 0.3μm
 Control air flows                               Clean

OWN ZONE Composed of:

– 2 airlocks and 1 circulation
– 1 preparation area,
– 1 sterilization area,
– 2 operating theaters.

Surfaces are clean so cleaned

The air is clean so filtered

The activity is NON contaminate therefore Thoughtful

Laminar flow 600 x 900 mm
Level 3 risk / Recommendation of Standard S 90 351

The conformity of the blocks is carried out in operation in association with:
La conformité des Blocs opératoires en association avec: