L’Institut du Roule, Periodontology & Implantology


If the Institut du Roule owes its name to its location in the heart of the 8th district of Paris, it is above all the result of a meeting between university gradu
ates and internationally renowned dentist. These specialists in periodontology and implantology are motivated by the conviction that periodontal disease is not inevitable.

They aim to achieve complete recovery and sustained maintenance of oral health. This international multidisciplinary team relies on an organization and a state-of-the-art technical platform to offer patients treatment of excellence and avant-garde. In parallel with its clinical activity, the Institut du Roule participates in the improvement of the data acquired from science through scientific publications and days of exchanges between health professionals.



A multidisciplinary and global team


With an Diploma of Advanced Periodontology and Implantology, he teaches and taught in different universities in France and the USA. Renowned for the precision and effectiveness of its surgical procedure. The absence of pain and the obligation of result are its permanent objectives.

His favorite sport: surfing.

Dr Fabrice CHEREL

Doctor in Dental Surgery

Doctor in Dental Surgery, graduate of the Faculty of Paris V, holder of a Master’s degree in Biological and Medical Sciences, a Certificate in Higher Education in Periodontology and a University Diploma in Medical Law applied to OdontoStomatology (Paris VIII). His softness and empathy make him a caring dentist and appreciated by his patients.

His passion: the smiles of here and elsewhere.

Dr Charlotte MARTINS

Doctor in Dental Surgery

Banon will be able to help you during the interventions. His gentleness, his experience and his professionalism in the bottom one of the pillars of the institute.


Medical Assistant

Doctor in Dental Surgery, graduated from the Paris V Faculty, holds a Certificate in Higher Studies in Periodontology and a Master’s Degree in Oral Physiopathology. Natural qualities of listening, advice and benevolence. His sense of psychology and aesthetics make him a talented dental surgeon and appreciated by his patients.

His passion: the smile of Lucile.

Dr Sébastien MOREAUX

Doctor in Dental Surgery

Salette is medical secretariat manager, she is your first contact and your ally during your presence at the Institut du Roule: simplification of administrative procedures, scheduling of appointments, etc. On a daily basis, you will appreciate his sense of listening and advice.

Salette LUCAS

Head of the medical secretariat

Géraldine demonstrates on a day-to-day basis an efficiency and unfailing availability. At his touch, you will also appreciate his natural sweetness and his smile that make the administrative procedures much more pleasant.

Géraldine RIOU

Medical Assitant

The team in charge owes much to Dr. Jean-Claude KIEPFERLE. This stomatologist, who is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement, inspired the founders of the cabinet with a humanistic, rare and precious state of mind.

Finally, the Institut du Roule is a network of external multidisciplinary practitioners: orthodontists, prosthetic dentists, diabetologists, ENT, nutritionists, surgeons and other specialists. Through scientific publications and days of exchanges between professionals health.